How to win the US lotto by playing smart

How to win the US lotto by playing with a plan

If you are anything like me – you have thought about smart ways to play that will ensure you win at least something in the US lotto. Here we go. I have come up with five proven tips as well as strategies on how to win the US lotto by playing smart.

#1 Do not buy tickets for multiple lotto games – focus on one.

#2 Play more than once

#3 Use a proven winning lotto system

#4 Be consistent and follow a plan

#5 Play on the less popular days

Ok so this is quite easy and I am sure that all of you understand exactly what the tips and strategies mean. I have had many people come up to me and say – “I did everything you said and I still haven’t won anything in the US lotto.” Well people that is because I am not a wizard or a magician? I am simply a person who studies the US lotto or a regular basis and therefore I am able to give tips on how I think the game should be played.

The lotto is a different gamble. It does not do the same thing twice. It is different every week. You cannot predict the outcome of a lotto draw. It is just too random. You can only play smart and hope for the best. A visit from lady luck could also be of help.

Good luck and . . .

Happy betting!

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