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Euromillions – the richest European lottery

To win the lottery might not be guaranteed , but you will never know until you try. On Friday the 13th 1994, the premiere jackpot took place. The premiere jackpot was for the amount of 15 million Euros.

Play Euromillions online from anywhere in the world

Euromillions is not limited to residents of a country. Thanks to technology, anyone from anywhere in the world can now play Euromillions from the comfort of their own homes. All you need is a good internet connection to play Euromillions online. The prizes will be sent by mail. Due to the fact that the game is open for anyone to play the prizes are much larger than those of other lotteries.

How Euromillions Lottery works

The process works as follows: Some weeks have several winners and other weeks have no winners. If there are no winners, the cash is rolled over. Many lotto players look forward to roll overs as they could possibly be the winner.

Anyone and everyone could be one ticket away from fame and fortune. Before buying your first or next lotto ticket, you should educate yourself about the lottery. Euromillions is a weekly lottery and combines the stakes of nine European countries. These countries are: France; Ireland; Luxembourg; Austria; Belgium; Portugal; Spain; as well as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. By combining stakes, the jackpot is usually worth 15 million Euros at the least.

There are thousands of people who look forward to playing the lottery in hopes to win. Even when they lose, most lottery players look forward to their next play. Unlike most games, the lottery is definitely not a fad and will more than likely be around for many years to come. To win the lotto one needs a mixture of luck, chance and good karma. If you think you have some luck, chance and good karma – buy a ticket for Euromillions and put your theory to the test. Like I always say, it’s anybody’s game.

Happy betting!

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