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One thing is for certain; the Americans never think small and the USA Megamillions lottery is no exception. This giant lottery creates numerous dollar millionaires every year. In fact, the payout amounts are almost mythical. Imagine winning US $640 million! If you co convert this to South African rands we are talking about more than  7.5 billion rands! Can this be true? Oh yes. Here is a very recent case:

  • Ira Curry, of Stone Mountain in Georgia recently jointly won the US Megamillions lotto. Her share of the $648 million was more than $320 million. But get this: during that same draw 20 other people won more than a million dollars each! And they called it booby prizes, can you imagine! I don’t know about you, but I will be happy with the booby prize.

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This story is just one of many. But you know what? It could be your story. You too, could win the USA Megamillions lotto and become fabulously rich overnight. South Africans can enter this lotto legally. All it takes it is to register on-line. The process is quick and easy and free. Once this is done, you can start entering the USA Megamillions whenever you wish. You are under no obligation to enter at certain intervals. You are in control. And if you should be a winner, you will be notified immediately and your winnings will be paid to you forthwith.

Why not visit the official website at you will see just how easy it is to register and to play. The site allows you to check on draws, ask questions and even calculate the odds of winning.

With billions in the bank you will never have to worry about finances again. Your future and the future of all your loved ones will be secure forever. You will be able to live your life on your own terms. But none of this will happen if you do not take the first step. Enter the USA Megamillions lotto and take a chance on winning really big.


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