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The huge Powerball jackpot give us an opportunity to praise lotteries – a little at least. Lotteries supported the Colonial army and were responsible for paying for the buildings at Yale as well as Harvard and lets not forget the roof on Connecticut’s state Capitol.

When the British burned down their paper mill in the year 1777 – a lottery actually saved The Courant. A new mill was built with the money that was raised.

Yes, skeptics say that the odds are hopeless – 1 in 175million or less. But what’s wrong with dreaming for 2 dollars.

This is if that’s all the dreams cost. Lotteries do increase the misery of those with gaming pathologies and their loved ones: Lottery players make up half the state’s problem and at-risk gamblers.

Politicians are the gamblers who are most addictive to the game of lottery. They use the lottery as an easy way to raise money for the greater good of the country. Of the 2 dollar cost for a Powerball ticket, the state keeps 1 dollar.

Thomas Jefferson who argued on behalf of lotteries everywhere said that – “if we consider games of chance immoral, then every pursuit of human industry is immoral; for there is not a single one that is not subject to chance, not one wherein you do not risk a loss for the chance of some gain.”

To those who consider the lottery a poor man’s game, Mr. Jefferson had an answer: It is a tax, he said, “laid on the willing only. The willing should play responsibly.”

So play responsible and remember that winners know when to quit.

Happy betting!

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