Superenalotto SiVince Tutto

Superenalotto SiVince Tutto

The SuperEnalotto have special draws and one of the most popular is the SiVince Tutto game. The game’s slogan is ‘You win everything’. There are different rules and regulations for these special draws and the ticket prizes are much higher than in the normal SuperEnalotto game.

The SiVince Tutto draws work exactly as the main SuperEnalotto draw. You have to choose the same amount of numbers from the same matrix but the rules are different regarding the prizes. Rollovers are not possible in these special draws. If there is no winner the money will be split amongst the players who matched other numbers.

More SuperEnalotto Information

In April 2011 a SuperEnalotto SiVince draw took place but it didn’t have any jackpot winners so the jackpot which was at 24 million Euros rolled down and was divided between the three tiers. The divisions were:

  • 11 match 5 winners equally shared €8,250,163.79
  • 1106 match 4 winners equally shared €2,445,930.06
  • 37,316 match 3 winners equally shared €13,568,843.92

The great thing about SuperEnalotto is that you have a greater chance of winning than in any other lotto. The cash prizes are astronomical and the game is fun to play. You can choose to only play the main SuperEnalotto game or take a chance on playing in one of SuperEnalotto’s special draws where you could win an even greater amount of money.

A lot of people do not believe that playing lotto is worth the time or effort – I however, beg to differ. Sure, the odds are more often than never against any of us actually winning a substantial amount in any lotto, but even if the chances are 1 in a million, there is still a chance. If you are the winner of a lottery jackpot, you will be financially free. You would achieve the one thing that every person in the world is working towards.

You cannot win if you do not play. So get up and make something happen. Take control of your destiny. This could be the first day of the rest of your problem free life.

Happy betting!

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