Smart people versus Wise people – Which are you?

Compare Smart people versus wise people

You may know some smart people, as well as some wise people. But, what is the difference? How do they operate in ways that differ from each other? Listed below are some of the most common differences between smart people and wise people. Find out which one you are.

Smart people versus wise people #1: Process Information

Smart People: They process information in a logical and systematic way. Information is seen as data and treated in a calculated way.

Wise People: They process information not only logically, but also emotionally. Wise people are able to consider information not only for the practical purposes thereof, they also consider emotional consequences.

Smart people versus wise people #2: Problem Solving

Smart People: This group relies on their knowledge to solve problems. They use objective facts known to them at the time to make decisions.

Wise People: They are more intuitive and rely on their judgement to solve problems. Wise people tap their total base of knowledge, experience and instinct.

Smart people versus wise people #3: Opinions

Smart People: They may impose their views on others. Smart people know they are smart and often consider the opinions of others as not in the same league as their own.

Wise People: They accept that opinions may differ and do not impose their opinions on others.

Smart people versus wise people #4: Satisfaction

Smart People: Problem solving provides smart people with high levels of satisfaction.

Wise People: They feel highly satisfied when they can solve problems and most importantly, inspire others. Wise people look beyond immediate gratification.

Smart people versus wise people #5: The Voice

Smart People: They love talking and are always ready to voice and express their opinions.

Wise People: Listening is more important to this group, but they add comments now and then. By listening more than talking, they are able to gather more information to use when solving a problem.

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