Powerball Numbers dream

She saw the winning Powerball numbers in a dream

Have you ever heard something so bizar that you just could’t believe it? That is how I felt when I first heard of Maria Forgione. However, after hearing the whole story, I think I actually believe her story. Decide for yourself.

A woman from North Branford who won the record breaking Powerball prize of 2 million US Dollars said that her father – who had passed on – showed her the winning combination in a dream a few nights before the draw.

The Powerball Dream Winner

The winner, who goes by the name of Maria Forgione, woke up from her dream and immediately wrote down the numbers. Later on that same day she gave the numbers to her husband and asked him to use the numbers on a Powerball ticket. He spent another 1 dollar on a Power Play. This doubled the couple’s winnings.

The couple matched the first five numbers drawn, but unfortunately missed the Powerball.

Maria said, “I saw the numbers and immediately knew they were a match.” I woke up Al and told him we had five numbers, but he didn’t believe me. So, we went to the lottery’s website to check. I thought we won $150. When we realized we actually won $2,000,000, we couldn’t believe it.”

The Powerball Dream Winnings

The couple claimed a check for 1,366,001 US dollars after taxes.

“This is a tremendous help, we’ll be able to pay off some bills, help our family, do something a little fun…and put a lot away for a rainy day,” Maria said.

Winning tickets for the Powerball jackpot were bought in Arizona and Missouri, but there were players from Connecticut who won smaller prizes.

Do not ignore a dream with numbers. If you see numbers in your next dream – be smart and buy a Powerball ticket with those combinations. The universe might be telling you something! We shouldn’t ignore fate, right?

Good luck and . . .

Happy betting!

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