How to plan a lotto strategy

How to plan a lotto strategy to try and increase you chances of winning

Many lotto players who are serious about winning uses a lotto strategy when they’re playing. If you’re serious about playing lotto — or want to start to plan a lotto strategy — there are a few easy ways to start.

Choosing Numbers

There are many ways of choosing which numbers to play when you plan your lotto strategy. Many use sentimental numbers, like a birthday or anniversary date. Others want the system or the lotto machine to choose for them and get a random set of numbers in that way. You can also use a random telephone number. You can also choose whether you want to play the same numbers every time or if you want to change your numbers every time.

How Often You Play

Decide beforehand how often you are going to play lotto. The amount of times can also be based on the way in which you split your budget for lotto tickets. This part of the lotto strategy includes deciding if you want to play every game in a month, once a week, or even just once a month.

Which Lotto to Play

When you are working on your lotto strategy, have a look at which lottos there are in your country that you can take part in. You can also choose whether you want to add a bonus or powerball to increase your chances of winning with the numbers you’ve already chosen.

A Lotto Pool

One way to play more numbers, but not pay for more tickets, is by joining or starting a lotto pool. This lotto strategy involves a group of people playing together and splitting the cost of the tickets and the prize money equally. The lotto pool strategy is usually used by trusted friends and colleagues.

However, lotto players must be on the lookout for fake products (including software) that promises them winnings. As with other types of gambling, lotto players should always play responsibly.

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