One Ticket for a WIN

It takes One Ticket to Win the USA Powerball

We all have out opinions about the lottery and that is our right as human being to choose to participate in this game of chance or not. Many people think you need to go overboard, or some get greedy and imagine that the more money they spend on tickets the more likely they are to win. The fact of the matter is that every time that there is a lottery draw, there is a chance that one person or many could have the winning numbers on their ticket. The minimum requirement to be able to claim the prize is to have one ticket.

One Ticket is ALL you need

One Ticket is all you need to enter yourself into the lucky draw. That means that you can play conservatively, enjoy the fun of fantasizing about what you could do with your winnings, and still make all your regular life responsibilities run smoothly. In fact, if you cannot be satisfied with just one ticket and just one chance to win, perhaps you may need to reconsider your motives for playing. Playing a game is first and foremost about having fun. There is the anticipation of possibly winning, and the fun of picturing what you will do, but this cannot be taken too seriously, or else it is no longer a game.

Consider the implications of buying one ticket for each lucky draw. If you have decided on a set of numbers that work for you, you can play these numbers every time. That means, that each time there is a lucky draw, you are participating and as a result, can be a jackpot winner. Since each ticket stands on its own, all you really need is that one ticket with the winning combination and that’s that!

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