One Lotto Ticket for Serious Image Boosters

The difference One Lotto Ticket can make …

For the price of one lotto ticket, you may be in for the spending spree of your life… Read here what tops the shopping and to-do lists of most lotto jackpot winners.

Image is all the rave

People will always strive for more – always wanting bigger, better, faster.  Very few souls on this planet are content with who they are and what they have.  We humans have a competitive nature and we strut around like peacocks showing off our feathers most of the time.  We want others to look at us and see someone who is a cut above the rest.

We dominate others with the way we look. The images we project of ourselves inform others that we are in control of our lives; we are successful and have what it takes to make it in this cutthroat world.  Image projection has less to do with the ‘survival of the fittest’ – notion and more with the ‘survival of the richest’- principle.  We want others to see us as being influential.

Money affords us a way to polish our public images to a mint.  The more and bigger we buy, the louder the message to the outside world that we have power.  For many of us the only way to gain such power is to invest in a lotto ticket and hope we strike it big.

1 Lotto Ticket for Hot Wheels as Image Boosters

Few lottery-made multi-millionaires keep on driving their old sedans after winning big.  Hot wheels seem to top most winners’ shopping lists.

  • The Rationale behind Driving Sexy Cars

Need there be any logic behind owning hot wheels?  The sexy, deep throated roar of a luxury vehicle’s engine makes heads turn and hearts beat faster.  It screams the owner’s economic status to the world.

1 Lotto Ticket for Posh Mansions as Image Boosters

Upgrading to a better neighborhood and superior abode seems to be a hot item on most winners’ to-do lists.

  • The Rationale behind Living at a Fab Address

Seriously now – you cannot have the Ferrari and not have the grand driveway in which to park it!  It simply does not make sense to stay on in a dingy one-bedroom apartment when you have a cash-flushed bank account.  There are limits to being a narcissist.

1 Lotto Ticket for Luxury Holidays as Image Boosters

Wanting to embark on a l-o-n-g holiday is definitely one of the first things lotto jackpot winners jot down on their to-do lists.

  • The Rationale behind Lazing Around

Suckers for sheer indulgence, we humans want nothing more than to laze around at an exotic holiday destination and be spoilt to our cores.  Sipping expensive champagne, soaking up the sun, having a massage – now, that’s what dreams are made of.

Buying a lotto ticket affords us the dream of maybe one day scooping the lottery jackpot and going on an image booster spending spree.  Others have won big – so can we!

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