Mystery Winner – USA Powerball Unclaimed Prize

Who is the USA Powerball Mystery Winner?

On May 25 2013 the USA Powerball jackpot draw delivered a prize of $50 million. This pot was shared between two ticket holders, Anonymous from Delaware and Unclaimed from Florida. According to the record of lottery winners for the past twelve years this is the only unclaimed ticket. If claimed, the mystery winner would have received $31 million before taxes. It is mind boggling to think that someone out there may have the winning ticket and just did not bother to check it! Where could the ticket be and who may have it?

Where is the Mystery Winner?

In some corner of the world there may be jackpot winner wannabees who are clamoring to start an expedition to find the missing ticket. If so, they will be heading to Florida to start the search. Perhaps they could even narrow down the search to the store where the ticket was sold. Indeed, they may even be looking at the mystery winner without knowing it. Perhaps this person is looking back at them and thinking about how he/she bought the ticket then put it in their jeans pocket and accidentally washed it out in the laundry. What kind of person buys the winning lottery ticket and then fails to claim it?

A whole novel of speculation can be written about the lost mystery winner. The brain literally churns to a boiling point with all the possible scenarios of where the ticket may have ended up and why the winner did not claim the prize. Did the dog chew up the ticket? Was it the kind of person who never bothers with the lottery and one day out of pure boredom purchased a ticket and then forgot about it? Could it be possible that someone has the ticket and just has not bothered to cash it in due to religious reasons? We may never know the answer to this riddle.

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