Your Lucky numbers and Megamillions

Megamillions, Powerball and other Lucky numbers

The interesting thing about lucky numbers is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory that there is such a thing as lucky numbers. What makes lucky numbers so appealing to us?

There is one explanation that has become very popular. People tend to have selective memories, in other words we only remember what we want to remember therefore, we remember the success but forget the failure. For example – if we play a certain combination and win something, even if it is a small amount, we will remember those numbers and play them time and time again, but we will forget that those numbers won us nothing prior to the win.

Win Megamillions with Lucky Numbers

There are also the personal significant numbers like anniversaries or birthdays of the people that we love.

Another reason for the lucky number belief is that some people really do believe that some numbers have a lucky energy about them. Everybody knows that the number 7 is viewed throughout the world as a lucky number whilst the number 13 is viewed throughout the world as being a very unlucky number.

Ok, so now you know why lucky numbers are popular. But why are they so appealing? I think it is because lucky numbers make it easier for people to make a selection for their Mega Millions or Powerball combinations.

Because lotto is a game of coincidence, I don’t think that lucky numbers apply. The game is random, and so should your selection be. Choose the numbers as random as possible and hope that it will be enough to land you a jackpot prize. If you win with a set of lucky numbers – please remember that it is coincidence and bot fate. They will not win you the lotto again. With that said . . .

Happy betting!

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