Just do it and get started

Get Started – What’s keeping you?

What keeps you from getting started? Most often, it is not taking the very first step that keeps you from reaching your goals. We plan, make lists and psyche ourselves up, but then we push the snooze button. Instead of sitting up, throwing the covers off and putting our feet on the floor, we rather reach out and press the snooze button. Well, that’s where the saying, You snooze, you lose , comes from.

How to Get Started

The trick is to jump right into the first task you set for yourself on the journey to reaching your goal. Don’t start tomorrow, start right now. As soon as you are IN the action, you will act and go further. Putting something off until the next day usually ends in the intention fading into obscurity.

Get Started NOW

So, take the very first step. NOW. You are on a mission now and you have to continue. Make yourself accountable, or ask somebody else to hold you accountable. Set measurable goals and move toward each new goal. Whatever you do, do not procrastinate. Get started NOW.

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