Invest in Verde Hotels

Invest your Mega millions in Verde Hotels

Many Mega Millions lottery prize winners believe in ‘giving back’. With millions in the bank, it is considered a privilege to support worthwhile causes and donate to charities and churches. Some lotto philanthropists set up college funds for under-privilege students or contribute to organizations that support the arts. When you win the Mega Millions jackpot, your money is yours to do with as you please — you can spend it, donate it or invest it wisely.

Do your bit for the planet

It is always a great idea to do your bit for the planet, so perhaps you would like to consider investing in a hotel chain that offers cutting-edge hospitality solutions that are both sustainable and heritable. The green hotel management company, Verde Hotels, promotes their considerable expertise and experience in the construction of new eco-buildings as well as the retrofitting of existing establishments.

Sustainable hotel management is the latest buzz in the hospitality industry. Verde Hotels, a global trailblazer in ecologically-conscious design, construction and operational practices, is perfectly positioned to deliver carbon-neutral accommodation, social upliftment and community development supported by sustainable principles and carbon management initiatives. Ultra-luxurious, environmentally-friendly accommodation is the future of eco-conscious tourism.

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Choose between two green management packages

Verde Hotels offer two attractive management packages — New Construction (building green from below the ground up) and/or Retrofitting Existing Buildings (greening and re-using of existing structures). Business benefits to hotel owners include quick return on investment; growing market value; slower depreciation; and lower renovation cost. Social and environmental benefits include campaigning for sustainable business practices; empowering local communities; caring for natural resources and biodiversity; as well as lessening indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Become part of a bright, green future

If your Mega Millions ticket happens to hold the lucky jackpot numbers and you win a truckload full of cash, be sure to find out more about sustainable and thrivable hospitality solutions from the experts. Interested parties are welcome to phone Verde Hotels at +27 21 380 5500 or email them at

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