Why invest in a Lotto Ticket?

Why should you invest in a lotto ticket?

Is it really an investment when you invest in a lotto ticket? After all, experts tell us that an investment is only an investment when you place your money into a scheme where you are guaranteed a return! Hah! Think about it for a second. There is no such thing as a guaranteed investment. If you follow the news you will know just how often investors are bamboozled, how often so-called blue chipped companies fail, losing their shareholders millions upon millions and how often top-class companies offer excuses for not paying a dividend. No sir: an investment is not a guaranteed thing, not ever. There is always a degree of chance involved.

But is it an investment if I invest in a lotto ticket?

Yes it is. If you spend money in the hope of multiplying it you are making an investment. The odds of winning a serious amount of money from one of the really huge lotteries may seem small to you, but people do win. It could just as well be you. Think about it for a second: to earn a decent return on a conventional investment you need to commit a substantial amount of money. To take a chance on the lotto requires no more than a few rand; less than you would spend on a movie.

Entering the Euromillions lotto, for example, cost only €2.00 per entry. The USA Megamillions will set you back a mere $1.00. This is hardly a serious investment, but think of the potential returns! Millions upon millions. Let us face the facts: most people are easily able to afford to invest in a lotto ticket and take a chance to become super rich. It will not cause hardship. So why not get to it?

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