How to choose the BEST Lotto numbers

How to Choose & Play the Best Lotto Numbers

There are many different ways to choose lotto numbers, some of which lotto players find are more successful than others. Some of the ways in which numbers are chosen are a lot simpler than others as well, so you can try different ways of choosing special numbers when you play lotto. Here’s some of the most popular methods of choosing special numbers which don’t include buying software or doing serious math to choose which numbers to play.

Sentimental  Numbers

Sentimental numbers are numbers found in birthday or anniversary dates or simply by playing numbers which have been lucky to you in the past. These meaningful numbers may just prove to be the best lotto numbers for you.

Coincidental Numbers

Coincidental numbers are lotto numbers you choose by using dice or using a random phone number. Numbers can also be chosen based, for instance, on number plates. Some also let the lotto machine or system choose lotto numbers for them. Many use this method for choosing their best lotto numbers.

Past winning numbers

Some lotto players look at the numbers which have been drawn before. Lotto players often pick the numbers which haven’t been drawn many times before, while others find that the best lotto numbers are numbers which get drawn often. These players often play different numbers every week according to the changes that occur with every lotto draw.

However, most agree that you should play the same numbers every time. Many, like seven-time grand lotto prize winner Richard Lustig, says that winning the lotto isn’t luck and you shouldn’t let the system choose your numbers for you. He also warns that you should always play responsibly and keep to an affordable budget when playing whichever numbers the best lotto numbers are for you.

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