Feed your Soul and Create the Life you Desire

Feed Your Soul and design your life

You possess the power to live your life to your full potential. But … why is that not happening? Are you overwhelmed by stress and anxiety most of the time? The answer is simple. You may be living your life according to your Ego and not your Soul. Living according to your ego results in stress and resistance. Soul living is the opposite and offers you complete peace and the chance to reach your full potential as a unique human being. The 5 tips listed below will guide you towards soul living and being able to attain the life you truly desire.

Feed your soul Tip #1: The Universe

Connect with the Universe. Become aware of everything around you. Contemplate yourself as part of the universe, as part of everything around you – with the total universe. At cellular level, we are all connected to the universe and are therefore one with it. Nurture this connection and experience the wonderful feeling it brings.

Feed your soul Tip #2: Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything you have and embrace the gift of life. Your ego craves external stimulation and gratification, leading you to endlessly seek contentment outside yourself. It drives you to want more power, more status and more frivolous personal possessions. Your soul relates to being alive, being aware and being part of life itself. Be grateful for every day you are able to wake up – it is the ultimate gift – the gift of life.

Feed your soul Tip #3: Do not fear Change

Rather embrace change, do not fear it. Change is the only constant in life and your soul knows that. Your ego wants control and actively resists change. Soul living allows you to flow with life, instead of battling with change. This will give you peace and allow you to view change in a positive light.

Feed your soul Tip #4: Be Compassionate

Your ego limits your focus and traps your mind in a confused state of worrying, obsessing and creating false beliefs and killing compassion. Your connection to others create compassion as a result of understanding that every living being deserves to eliminate suffering from their life. Being compassionate to others means that you help them to experience peace and tranquility. Create this intention on a daily basis and connect with others. This will come back to you.

Feed your soul Tip #5: The NOW

Your ego traps you in the past and future – you relive past mistakes and plan for the future – but, you live outside the present. The most and vitally important moment in your life is NOW. All that you have lived and experienced, culminates in this moment. You are the sum total of your past. But, the past is just that – the past. Gone forever. You are here NOW. Live IN the moment, live NOW.

Start living with your soul instead of your ego today and you will experience the difference in hardly any time.

Further Reading: http://www.lifehack.org/481373/5-vital-steps-to-starve-the-ego-and-feed-the-soul

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