Consistency – The Key to Incredible Wealth?

Consistency may be the secret factor

Apply the principle of consistency when you play the lotto and you may very well be the next instant millionaire.

Ordinary People Become Instant Millionaires

You don’t need a fairy to swing her magic little wand and make you an instant millionaire.  You can become an instant millionaire by just purchasing a fairly priced lotto ticket.  If your lucky numbers get drawn in the lottery of your choice, you may become an instant millionaire there and then.

The chances of you finding and convincing a fairy to wave her magic wand are naught.  You do, however, stand an actual, real-life chance of winning big time on the lotto.  Ordinary, run-of-the-mill folks have taken a chance on the lotto and struck gold.  These fortunate souls – originating from all walks of life – all have one thing in common – they bought a lottery ticket and hoped for the best.  They did not give up when they did not win on their first try.  They pressed on and applied the principle of consistency – they kept on playing the lotto …

The Principle of Consistency

At the word ‘consistent’ is being described as meaning ‘logically ordered and/or following the same pattern’.  In my humble experience it means one decides on a certain course of action and then sticks to it doggedly. It is said that perseverance pays off.  In lotto terms it simply means – keep on buying your lottery ticket and don’t lose hope.  Good things come to those who wait, not so?

Some previous big-time lotto jackpot winners who are now living nouveau riche lifestyles claim to have had incorporated the principle of consistency as part of their game strategy.  They stuck to their guns and kept on buying lottery tickets, even if it was only one ticket a week.  Some scored big by playing the same numbers over and over again.

The big secret is that consistency generates feelings of harmony, assonance and well-being within the human mind.  This positive mindset causes an optimistic outlook and may very well have a domino effect on our surroundings.

Test this theory by all means.  If you carry yourself upright and smile and nod in a friendly manner at strangers, chances are you will receive some smiles and nods back.  People are automatically drawn to those individuals that sport a positive and optimistic outlook in life.  Maybe the same theory applies when one consistently plays the lotto?

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