USA Megamillions

Your Lucky numbers and Megamillions

Megamillions, Powerball and other Lucky numbers The interesting thing about lucky numbers is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory that there is such a thing as lucky numbers. What makes lucky numbers so appealing to us? There is one explanation that has become very popular. People tend to have selective […]

Is there a Formula for Mega Millions?

Is There a Formula for Choosing Mega Millions Numbers? Technically speaking there is no magic formula or secret system to choose Mega Millions numbers. Unless the draw is rigged, there is no way that you can guarantee a winning set of numbers for the jackpot of a lottery. The Mega Millions numbers are chosen randomly […]

Best Megamillions Numbers

Best numbers to play Megamillions Most of the players who play Mega Millions have the same question. Which numbers are best to play the Megamillions?  I am here to tell you that there are no specific numbers or formula that you can follow to get a good answer on what numbers are best to play […]

Winner USA Megamillions Strategy

Play USA Megamillions NOW! The biggest and most successful multi-lottery game in the USA is the Megamillions. A lot of people dream of hitting the jackpot in this game and this is the main reason why people are constantly looking for alternative ways to generate the most probable combinations. Winning the Megamillions will change your […]

Next Lotto Millionaire

You could be the Next Lotto Millionaire There are so many super huge lotteries to choose from and play that you could be the next lotto millionaire. These super lotteries with their huge jackpots promise some of the biggest prizes that can be won when playing lotto. There are so many lotteries to choose from […]

How to spend your Lotto Prize

How Will You Spend Your Lotto Prize? How will you spend your lotto prize if you won a substantial amount of money with the lotto? When you win your lotto prize you may feel like the sky is the limit and that you can make all your dreams come true. You may even have already […]

You can win the jackpot millions!

Dare to dream about winning the jackpot millions Have you ever given some though to what you will do if you win the jackpot millions? Most people will admit to giving the idea the occasional thought but not seriously. They think that it is only other people that are lucky enough to win the jackpot […]

Mystery Winner – USA Powerball Unclaimed Prize

Who is the USA Powerball Mystery Winner? On May 25 2013 the USA Powerball jackpot draw delivered a prize of $50 million. This pot was shared between two ticket holders, Anonymous from Delaware and Unclaimed from Florida. According to the record of lottery winners for the past twelve years this is the only unclaimed ticket. […]

How to register for online lotto

Register for online lotto here now What to expect when you register for online lotto entry? Do you still need to register for online lotto entries? By now you should know that you are able to enter most of the very large lotteries in Europe and America safely from the comfort of your own home. […]

Why invest in a Lotto Ticket?

Why should you invest in a lotto ticket? Is it really an investment when you invest in a lotto ticket? After all, experts tell us that an investment is only an investment when you place your money into a scheme where you are guaranteed a return! Hah! Think about it for a second. There is […]