5 Reasons why Losers don’t play MegaMillions

5 Universal Loser Traits

Losers generally share universal traits. These traits prevent them from taking a chance to better their lives, because they are just too pessimistic to believe that anything good may happen to them.

Excessively Pessimistic: Losers tend to be very pessimistic. They do not believe in luck, chance or good fortune. That is why they do not play lottery. Well, this way they will never win, because they do not play …

No Ambition: They have very little ambition, if any at all. They hardly ever try to better themselves or their circumstances. Losers tend to attract negative things to them because of their negative outlook on life.

Low Self-Esteem: Losers have no self-belief and are scared of taking positive steps that may change their lives for the better. They believe in working hard, not smart. Losers also mistrust any gift or general act of kindness, fearing that they may have to repay a favor.

Quick to Quit: Losers give up easily. They will quit something if they do not get immediate gratification. In this instance – even if they do take a chance an play lottery, they will quit if after a few times they have not won anything.

Excessively Fearful: Their main drive and force in life is fear. They typically start worrying about spending and investing their prize money, even before winning the Megamillions Jackpot!

Are YOU a Loser?

Fortunately, you are not a loser and you are open-minded and confident enough to take action and play MegaMillions today. Buy your MegaMillions tickets now and you may just as well be the next instant Millionaire!  

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